About Us

michelle_flatfeetcentreMichelle Champlin is the Founder and Chief Podiatrist of Dubai Podiatry Centre and established the Dubai Podiatry Centre in 2001 on Sheikh Zayed Road. Michelle holds a Degree in Podiatric Medicine from Glasgow, Scotland. She is licensed by both the UK (Health Professions Council) and Dubai Health Authorities (DHA) and is trained in Basic Life Support. Michelle is an expert in lower limb biomechanics and custom orthotic therapy. The Flat Feet Centre is as a leading centre of custom orthotic therapy and is a world wide leader in making custom orthotics for patients with biomechanical mal-alignment in the Centre’s on-site laboratory, as opposed to sending patient’s casts away to a factory for generic production. Michelle is an avid sports fan and spends her spare time hiking, jogging and exploring the region. She plays tennis and regularly goes wakeboarding, surfing, paddleboarding and kayaking. She enjoys camping and off-roading in the region. A keen arts and craft hobbyist, Michelle handcrafts custom dollshouses, restores vintage cars and engines. She also enjoys sewing, painting and travelling.