Flat Feet

There are many types and causes of flat feet. The most common flat feet are caused by a mal-alignment in the sub-talar joint. It is found under the ankle joint. The talus bone connects the leg bones to the foot. This is not really a true flat foot and can be corrected with our custom corrective orthotic therapy. It is this connector bone that can be a sitting insecurely in the joint. Imagine your foot is a horse and the talus bone that sits on top of the foot is the saddle. If the saddle isn’t bound tightly and securely on the horse it can become unstable and lean to one side. This is what happens in the case of the sub-talar joint pronating. The talus bone leans to the side and it makes the foot roll-in. This in turn elongates and collapses the medial long arch of the foot. The foot becomes flat.

An orthotic will tilt the ankle straight and this will allow the medial longitudinal arch to lift.