Insoles & Orthotics

An orthotic is the general name for a medical device that fits into a shoe to correct the foot posture. There are many different types of orthotic.

The podiatrist will prescribe a specific design to correct and address a particular problem in the foot, following a detailed lower limb bio-mechanical assessment.

The orthotic prescription must be checked and adjusted at set time intervals. This is to develop the foot into the desired, corrected position and adapt to the new shape of the foot as treatment progresses. This is similar to the adjustments you would have at the Orthodontist with dental braces for the teeth.

Our orthotics for flat feet are designed to engage the foot muscles so that the arches increase in height. The orthotic must be adjusted according to the new foot shape at set time intervals.

As the foot arch increases, a new orthotic is then made to fit the new and improved foot arch shape.